Microgreens, Heirloom Greens, & Exotic Fruits all grown Under the same roof!

UP Farms is a niche grower on a mission to grow the most interesting things possible.  Here is what we're focusing on in our new state of the art facility.

Wild Heirloom Arugulas

Arugula is our favorite green, but why stay tame??  Our Wild Arugulas have sophisticated, varied takes on the ever-popular Arugula pepper taste with fun jagged shapes to boot.    

Exotic Heirloom Fruits

We are thrilled to announce our love affair with exotic fruits.  We love fruit and can't believe it's real.  It is! They are! So we decided to start growing them.  Our love & addiction to farmer's markets led us to our initial offerings:

Cucamelons &

Ground Cherries 



Micros are our bread and butter, which is a strange analogy.  UP began as an artisanal microgreen grower for top chefs, eventually offering 70+ varieties.  We have narrowed our selection, under much speculation to bring you only the best in microgreens.