Microgreens are new concepts in the edible life cycle of leafy greens, herbs, and vegetables.  Microgreens are similar to sprouts, but whereas sprouts need only water and air - microgreens also need light.  

Let there be hyper-efficient lighting!

Harvested either slightly before or after their true leaves arrive (true leaves = 2nd set of leaves - generally the identifying and characteristic leaves of each variety), these baby plants have inherited their adult flavor, though the concentration of that flavor varies with each variety.  For example, micro-carrot has a very true but subtle carrot flavor, while micro-basil has a very strong basil flavor and aroma.  

There is more depth to the allure of these small veggies.  Each young plant is an intricate and beautiful work of art.  It is with micros that we realize how incredible our produce is at such a young age.   Whether it be for the inspiring textures, the vibrant colors, or the depth and variety of flavors, microgreens have many applications and can be used in any cuisine.  Use to compliment OR replace your go-to veggies and herbs.

Best of all - microgreens are nutrient dense!  Ahh!  4-6x on average (and up to 200x) as nutritious as their adult version per serving.  Micros are generally high in Beta Carotene, and Vitamins C, E & K.  

A pinch of microgreens used as a garnish on your plate can be nutritionally equivalent to an entire salad.  Chew on that.

A Few Of Our Microgreens

(Shot by Shelby Pollard)